Electropolishing, Passivating, Cleanroom
Packaging, Tube EP (ID/OD)
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Alloy Tech specializes in electropolishing, passivating, and Cleanroom packaging of stainless steel parts used for:
ltra-pure applications � semiconductors, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, aerospace.
commercial & process applications �marine, automotive, food & beverage processing, and related industries.


Certified Class 100 Cleanroom

High-purity electropolishing of stainless steel parts used in semiconductor and medical industries.
Electropolishing of cleanroom furniture and equipment: frames, table tops, wire shelving, hoods, storage enclosures.
Electropolishing of small or large tanks and vessels.
Electropolishing of any stamped, machined, or cast parts in any type of stainless steel, titanium, or other alloy.
Custom approaches to electropolishing of very large or difficult-shaped parts.
Field Electropolishing.


Tube and Pipe Electropolishing
Tube electropolishing (ID and OD): 1/8� to 10� diameter; up to 24� long.
High purity semiconductor-grade EP and Class 100 cleanroom packaging of tubes up to 1� diameter.
Degreasing and oxygen-clean finishing of tubes and pipes.


Nitric acid passivation (QQ-P-35, MIL-S-5002, etc.).
Chelant passivation (citric acid-based, three-stage process).
Pickling and passivation of large tanks and vessels (up to 10,000 gallons or more).

Final Cleaning and Cleanroom Packaging
High-purity cleaning and drying in an on-site Class 100 cleanroom. All parts are rinsed in hot 18 mega-ohm DI water and dried with a high-purity HEPA dryer in a Class 100 cleanroom. Parts are purged with high-purity nitrogen then packaged and sealed in a Class 100 cleanroom area per customer specifications.


Cleanroom Packaging

Quality Certifications
All jobs are completed and certified to Federal, MIL, customer, or Alloy Tech specifications. Other tests and certificates (SAM, SEM, ESCA, Salt Spray Test, etc.) available on request. ISO 2003 compliant.


Quality Assurance


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