Electropolishing, Passivating, Cleanroom
Packaging, Tube EP (ID/OD)
Alloy Tech has specialized since 1989 in high-grade electropolishing, chelant passivation, and cleanroom packaging of ultra-pure parts for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, dental and other high-purity manufacturers. We also electropolish ID and OD of tubes and pipes.


The critically important non-corroding, non-contaminating metal surfaces required by these applications are produced on-time and competitively priced with personal attention to customer service.


Electropolished Vessel

ISO 2003 Compliant


To ensure the consistent quality our customers require, we perform all electropolishing, passivating, and quality control operations to the highest standards required by the semiconductor, aerospace and medical industries.


As part of our commitment to ongoing quality improvement, Alloy Tech vigorously examines the latest developments in surface passivation technologies and cleanliness standards, upgrading our operations and facilities to provide the highest quality available.


10,000 Square Foot Production Facility

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Alloy Tech?s Industry-Specific Process Optimization (ISPO) Team works directly with your process and metallurgical engineers to ensure that your components are fully pre-approved for integration into the most stringent UHP or bio-pharmaceutical application. Our ISPO team can help you find the right process for improving your metal surfaces and minimizing your cost of manufacturing.


Certified Class 100 Cleanroom

Our three-stage chelant passivation process treats stainless steel with biodegradable organic acid chelating agents that produce a ?passive film? in the outer layer. Ionic species of surface metals are ?chelated? and extracted, greatly reducing galvanic corrosion, chemically induced pit corrosion, and ionic trace element cross-contamination.


Chelant Passivation

SAM (Scanning Auger Microanalysis) analysis of surfaces and oxides conducted in accord with SEMATECH 91060573B-STD demonstrates that Alloy Tech?s chelant passivation raises the chromium/iron ration in the passive film layer to levels typical of electropolishing. This chromium-rich surface layer neutralizes sources of corrosion and ensures high levels of purity


In addition to chelant passivation, Alloy Tech also performs nitric acid passivation (per QQ-P-35 and MIL-S-5002) and phosphoric acid passivating, as well as acid pickling.


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